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Baby Leo Designs was born in 2005, when our three boys were still cuddling their favorite homemade blankies. Their blankies were so popular in the playground that we started offering them wholesale to baby boutiques.  

A few years later as my crew of three outgrew their blankies, I watched in bewilderment as their blankies morphed into capes around their necks.  In the boundaries of my living room walls, I witnessed imaginations soaring with daring rescues. Even the youngest one summoned courage as a caped crusader. It was magical!  It then became apparent that we needed to add superhero capes to the Baby Leo Designs collection.

Baby Leo Designs products are proudly handcrafted in San Francisco, from cut to finish. Every stitch and detail is a true labor of love, reflecting the unique beauty and quality that can never come from an assembly line. 




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